Luos's "One Particle A Day/356 days" showcase

Hey All!

It has been a while since I did a showcase and since I am getting more and more excited working with particles and effects I thought it would be interesting to start a small project.

I present to you:

Luos’s “One Particle A Day/356 days” showcase

Starting today (or yesterday-ish actually) I will post one particle effect every day and will try to keep this up for an entire year.
I will try to keep it interesting, and hopefully also try something out of my comfort zone on a regular basis.
*Obviously there will be days where I don’t have the time, (work/vacation/real life stuff) but that just cannot be avoided. *

Some points:

  1. I will post a new effect every day. (with a few exceptions of course)
  2. I will also record the whole process of the creation of this effect, this will be sped up to stay within 30 minutes.
  3. Occasionally I will goof off in the video’s, either because I am trying new stuff, or because I have no clue how to proceed.
  4. Sometimes I wont be doing the fastest route. (goofing off/inexperience/I’m weird)
  5. I will post two videos, one just showing off the particle effect, the other will be the entire process sped up.
  6. You can suggest effects, but this wont mean I will be making it, or that you have any ownership over it.

*disclaimer btw,

brain was still in a very tired 5-am-ish powers of two mode… thought to myself… hmm 356 days right?? (256)
and meh, ill stick with it :p*

Particle playlist
A particle a day/356 playlist

Month 1 is now submitted to the marketplace!

I recently created a patreon so I can spend more time working on particles and tutorials. (as well as tutorials and helping out more on answerhub/forums/facebook/etc)
I would really appreciate it if you’d care and support me :slight_smile:
Luos's Patreon Request video - YouTube

Skype: same username.
UE4 Marketplace: Link!

Ok, without any further ado:


1/356 Speed Creation Video


Good work man.

356 days later you’ll never want to see a single particle ever again :smiley:
Awesome! :slight_smile:

Cue Niagara coming out on Day 366. :smiley:

Can’t wait to see the cool stuff you make!

Can you make tutorial too :slight_smile: loved your work man keep it up

Wow, That’s pretty awesome!!!

Awesome and ambitious project!

This is amazing. I don’t know if you are doing requests but if you could do a nuke explosion that would be the bomb :slight_smile:

Cool :slight_smile: Will follow this!

And here we are again gentlepeople :slight_smile:

This time inspired by Phantasy Star 4’s TriBlaster!



As for the tutorial requests:
I wont be doing tutorials for these, making one of these a day is already taking a chunk out of my time a day, and to add a tutorial to that would make it insanely tiresome for me.
Occasionally I might make a tutorial, but if you watch the few tutorials I did make, you should in theory be able to make all these as well.

As for the particle requests:
I am accepting requests, but not promising.

Nice thread Luos!

:rolleyes::rolleyes: Can you do Epic Pokemon Hydro Pump like with water splashing everywhere. :rolleyes:

Maybe one day :slight_smile:
Ill keep it in mind!

Due to not having that much time today, todays particle effect is a bit lacking… but with so many particles upcoming I can permit myself to not always deliver above-mediocre stuff.

particle effect 3 of 356

SpeedCreate video:

nice i would like to see Hammer of Dawn from Gears of War

Subscribed :o

nice work Boy:)

what about this?

what about this?[/QUOTE]

Well… I kinda already made that? so not sure what the added benefit would be.
That said, I do have a sketch of another soul-thing that is semi-simmiliar. so be patient :slight_smile:

The speedCreate video will have to wait after I slept a bit, but here is the 4th particle of 356.

also note: messed something up with the triangle, it should open way further… but well… meh… maybe tomorrow.