Luos's Modular Rocks & Cave package


Man, i hate you, since i will really have to buy this without even making a game currently!



This is intense man. What a pack. I agree with allar you’d have to be a fool to not support this. All those assets for $80 is a steal! Much success my friend :smiley:

Hey peeps, I just recieved notice that the package is now on the public trello board for votes.
Please be awesome and vote for it :slight_smile:

thanks and hugs in advance :slight_smile:

I cant believe I already passed the 40-vote mark.

Thank you all so much for the votes :slight_smile:

Congrats, Soon you’ll be millionaire :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome work and awesome pack! :slight_smile: Since 79.99$ is definately a bargain - the 69.99 is more “reasonable” :smiley: , you will get more sales with 65-69$ price, since I heard that people don’t want to buy assets with price over 65-69$ no matter how much they will get in exchange.

Congratulations for awesome pack


Cannot wait to buy.

About the price:
I am not going any lower though (unless I am doing a discount week or so). the package is worth way way more than the 80,- I am asking, and the innitial plan and suggestions where 100,-.
So I am already giving you 20% off :stuck_out_tongue:

The package is very versatile and any user can make quick and good looking stuff with it, its def. worth the money I am asking for it :slight_smile:
And if you really do think 80,- is still too expensive, I am sure there will be other cave packages in the future, but they might not be as versatile :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers :slight_smile:

Also thank you all for the votes! 55 votes already :slight_smile:

Looked into the environment using the Rift, I take it the textures are 2k textures? Just some minor gripes, but nothing huge :wink: By any chance, do the materials include roughness? They seems a bit, smooth, to me.

The demo scene used a “way to bright” directional light in the part were it opens, if it were me, I would have dimmed it a bit and added light rays to the scene (with the dust particles, it would have fit). I would have also liked to see an avatar / feet so I could check out the collision meshes.

All the textures are 4k, and yes they do include roughness and come with a load of tweaks available in the material instance. (Reduce/increase overall roughness, contrast, etc)

The cave demo wasnt made by me so I forwarded the feedback to Jan, who appreciated it and will take it with him for his next endevours.

4k… interesting. Perhaps 4k would be “minimum need resolution” and 8k texture being the start of “medium” graphics level. How far we’ve come since the days of… I was going to say Morrowind, but hell, even Skyrim… Skyrim used 2k textures (iirc) and then an addon pack used 4k textures (or was it 1k / 2k official, and 4k unofficial? anyways).

Thanks for forwarding the feedback :wink: And take the above comments for what they are. It’s not a “deal-breaker” by any means… It would have been if the textures where 1024x1024 though :stuck_out_tongue:

I think standard resolution for most skyrim textures was 1k, with some of the more hero things having 2k. (dragons) you could downloadthe official hd pack for slightly higher rest textures and nowadays the community is pumping out really really well made 4k textures, and applying high end normal and paralax mapping. I think ive even seen the occasional 8k texture on the nexus website for skins, and the occasional artist who goes all out.
/skyrim yadayada
That said, the range of quality of materials is quite high, there are some that arent as good as others… but since you basically get the textures for free in addition to all the meshes and work done, as well as the ability to use any seamless texture on them the textures are the least thing to worry about :slight_smile:

If you tweak the engine .ini you can afaik even go as far as importing 32k/32k textures, but mipmapping get borked if my memory serves me right.

edit: 61 votes so far :slight_smile:

Looks great Luos, looks really good.

Ah, umm, don’t get me wrong, my comments (to a degree) had only a minor significance to the pack you built… which I might add is alot better than some others I have purchased :wink:

I think my comments / ideas should be posted in their own thread tbh, which I might do at some point during the day today if I have the chance to.

PS: I voted for the pack too :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate you Kitatus… making me spend money and stuff.

/added ASB to shopping list

Soooo, where can I get early Access? :stuck_out_tongue:

Umm, I can’t watch your video from Russia :frowning:

Just start it without the Rift turned on to fully experience the texture quality.

Its being worked on, Bruno is helping me with another video first, then Ill upload the fixed version and a new video.
Please be patient.

As for the others, thank you all for your kind comments and votes :slight_smile:

Umm… that defeats the purpose for purchasing/using assets for VR, doesn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not for the purpose of examining the texture quality/resolution.