Luos's Low Polygonal Particle Pack

Hey everyone!

I just finished a new VFX/Particle package for the marketplace!
Luos’s Low Polygon Particle pack!

Marketplace Link

It will contain 73 low poly/polygonal effects that come with clean materials, easy to read instances, and all easy to tweak.
All perfectly usable for your low poly/polygonal games or just to use as placeholders :slight_smile:

Here are two video’s for your viewing pleasure!

  1. Regular preview:

  1. Preview with me talking and blabla-ing

And here are two random gifs!

So lets get down to the gritty nitty details!

  • 73 Particle effects, all in a low poly/polygonal style, LOD’s, Particle cutouts, etc all set up properly.

  • 17 Master materials, optimized, easily readable and parameters neatly organized.

  • 10 Material instances.

  • One Material Param Collection to globally tweak saturation, hue, and emissiveness.

  • 56 meshes.

  • 20 textures. (and an icon/vert anim texture)

  • 5 material functions.

  • 14 blueprints for showcase purposes.

  • Additional content for showcasing.

  • Works on all platforms besides SM2 mobiles.

  • Runs smoothly on all consoles, switch included.

Love it, thanks for all the work put into this and your other stuff. Will definitely be buying.

Hello everyone (or well… just BusyFlames :stuck_out_tongue: ) the package is now available on the marketplace!
Please let me know what you think and if you have any issues with the package please let me know!

Just a small heads-up! the package is now permanently $39.99, previously it was 44.99!