Luos's Four More Elements (VFX)

Luos’s Four More Elements

Lightning, Ice, Light, Darkness are the central elements of the second “Four Elements” package.
They will look amazing for your RPG, MOBA, or any Fantasy & Adventure game!
All effects are centered around offensive, defensive and impacts.

All effects come with optimized textures, materials, meshes, and three LOD’s.
13 Emitters. (Offensive, Defensive, Impact. one ribbon, All particles are named properly)
25 Materials, 15 Instances. (Easily readable)
26 Static Meshes. (Between 4 and 2050 polygons)
37 Textures. (Mostly masks, 512x512 up to 4096x4096, but can be resized without much quality loss)
9 Amazing Material Functions.

Note 1: Each effect has a light disabled inside Cascade, Enable them at your own discretion.
Note 2: Blueprints are only for showcasing content, I do not provide help with blueprint issues. This is a VFX-Only package.


Change/update list
Version 1: available for 4.11 - 4.14
Initial release, optimized as much as possible.

Version 2: available for 4.15 - 4.XX
Making use of the new Tone-mapper and new math related material nodes for optimization.

These look really nice man. Well done! As usual haha.

Poor blob, never tried to harm anyone :mad:

Too bad I don’t have a use for these ones, they look awesome.

Looks really great, gg :wink:

(And you made me laugh in the video with your text ‘well made folder structure’, ‘well made names’ etc…))

thanks man, appreciated :slight_smile:

Never, EVER take a blob for his word, they are cheating evil maniacs! :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless I’d use Allar’s Linter tool to make it even more proper… it is rather derpy to have to use it as a selling point :stuck_out_tongue:
but hey :slight_smile:

Looks great. I especially like the ice attack. =)

Awesome!! They look great! Might have to pick them up!

Update: Package has been re-submitted.

Appreciate the support! hope you will like them :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: I am personally a sucker for the Light effect :stuck_out_tongue:

Another update:

22th of Feb 2017 will be the release date.
a 4.15 version will be available as well, using the new tonemapper. (and making sure it still looks good with the old tonemapper)

4.15 is online!
Sadly someone “dropped the ball” and forgot to upload the 4.11 up to 4.14 versions <_<

4.11, 4.12, 4.13, and 4.14 are also available now!

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casts spell
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