Luoshuang's GPULightmass

Next question:
Is it normal that the GPULM bakes the shadows for that kind of light hole like this?

For every room with windows that kind of black belt appears in the middle of the wall ( in most cases is more subtle that this :slight_smile: )

Next example of that GI strange shading:

maybe a stupid suggestion but is your texture streaming disabled?

Yes, texture streaming is disabled in every single of my projects :slight_smile:
This looks like a radiosity hemisphere GI or sth low smoothing - donno how to describe it.

Okay then I am out of ideas ^^.

I tried the values you described earlier in your post and it does look a lot better!

Hi everyone,

We updated the Situx installer to make it compatible with the new version 4.22 of GPULightmass.
@Situx , we just sent you a Pull Request on Github.
We tested it quickly and everything seems to be working for us.

A very big thank you to Samuel who made this update on his lunchtime!

Hi Guys,
What is Prometheus? How it’s work?
And tell me please GPULightmass supports SLI Technology?

It doesn’t use SLI, none of the offline GPU renderers do. Also I think it is limited to only 1 GPU at the moment.

Stange. I installed Prometheus 4.22 same process as GPULightmass and it dont work. Swarm agent starts and Gpu window doesnt open. 1080ti, 419,64 driver. GPULightmass 4.21 works perfectly.

As I see there is no Progress Bar for Prometheus right now, watch Swarm Agent Log. I hope **Luoshuang **will add it later, because custom GPULM progress bar is more accurate in term of time left for baking.


during the test I discovered some strange issue with using of Prometheus. Middle face of the door frame was baked incorrect. Here are 3 screenshots of both GPULM and Prometheus captured from the same position. Prometheus bake look too dark in compare to GPULM. I can send you this simple scene for investigating if need.




Would be very helpful. Thanks!

EDIT: If possible can you provide a 4.21 version so that I can compare it to VRay?

Hi Luoshuang Great job what I see around here, but you could help me explain step by step what I should do to use your prometheus- uvtesting-0.1.0 in unreal 4.21.2
Is it just overwriting the files with prometheus? In unreal, should I change anything?
I’m waiting for your help, thanks.

Hi everyone, does RTX card support Loushang GPULM now?

Thank you! I approved the pull request last Friday, but forgot to merge the changes! :slight_smile: It’s done now, merged and tested. Thanks Samuel again!

Hi, does anyone know if GPU Lightmass makes use of portal lights? I saw that this was asked a couple times in the thread, but apparently no response.

Just wondering if I should take the time to place portals for interior scenes, or if it won’t make any difference…

It doesn’t use portals.

Great, thanks :slight_smile:

Why doesn’t it use portals ?

  • It works with 4.21, but can easily be adapted for 4.20x and 4.19.x if needed by adjusting a few parameters inside the file (just edit with Notepad and change UnrealVersion variable to 4.20 or 4.19.
  • i don t know where i should edit to work on version 4.21.2 ?
  • please define this point clearly