Lunch Crunch Gun. Gun replacement in UE4

Working on this during lunch breaks. Just freestyling everything and changing it as I go. Would like to try and hook this babby up to the FPS template later and blast some aliens (aliens not included).

Latest Shot:

Older / Archived shots.

More older shots here: Whalebranch.: gun

That’s a very cool looking gun! Nice work!

Awesome work on your weapon MagicalPixy! I would love to see this weapon implemented into a project later when you get the chance. Keep up the superb work and have a great day!

Cheers guys. Haven’t been able to do as much as I wanted to this update.

Beautiful work !!! Maybe a little of work on the textures is needed but i like this gun !

Elendil, Thanks but i haven’t started textures yet, It’s only basic blinns in maya. Will use Quixel for texturing when it’s ready.
Here’s another progress shot. Direction is starting to become more clear.

Got a cool paintover from a coworker (Daniel S), The shortened design is ******* sweet and something I’ve been thinking about but this seals the deal.

I like the chunkier aspect and I think i’ll have it morph from a sniper rifle to a MG with animations and stuff. Kinda like the ME guns.

I love the design. The weapon morphing is something we’ll be doing as well - waiting for more :wink:

Cheers man!

I did a naughty and poked on it a bit home too.
Feels much better now even though there’s more goodies to be done!

The two modes. Rock n’ Roll and Personal.