Lunar AI Design ideas

Lunar AI is a high end AI System that try’s to bridge the gap between Pc Intelligence and NPC Intelligence. The system is based on a collection of tutorials such as MMO games.

Able to turn off specific AI actions.
Each action has a ranking in order to determine related info.
Each action has its own requirement table.

Basic Actions
-When Ai sees target (Sight)
-When Ai Collides (Touch)
-In range of sound (Hear)]
-In range of Scent (Smell)
-Eating (Taste)
-While in Cold or Hot view mode [Tempter]
-While in Acid view mode [Acid Rate]
-While in Electric View Mode [Electric Rate]
-While using Night Vision Mode [Night Rate] Check if you have high enough NV to see the creature. NV determined by Spot and taget.
-While Using Echo Vision mode show NPC outlines unless blocked by an aether object [Echo Rate]
-While in Ox mode you see the Ox of all objects that are living including living walls. [Ox Rate]

I would like input on any AI actions I should Include and I will try to keep up on all commenting.