Lunar AI Design ideas

Lunar AI is a high end AI System that try’s to bridge the gap between Pc Intelligence and NPC Intelligence. The system is based on a collection of tutorials such as MMO games.

Able to turn off specific AI actions.
Each action has a ranking in order to determine related info.
Each action has its own requirement table.

Basic Actions
-When Ai sees target (Sight)
-When Ai Collides (Touch)
-In range of sound (Hear)]
-In range of Scent (Smell)
-Eating (Taste)
-While in Cold or Hot view mode [Tempter]
-While in Acid view mode [Acid Rate]
-While in Electric View Mode [Electric Rate]
-While using Night Vision Mode [Night Rate] Check if you have high enough NV to see the creature. NV determined by Spot and taget.
-While Using Echo Vision mode show NPC outlines unless blocked by an aether object [Echo Rate]
-While in Ox mode you see the Ox of all objects that are living including living walls. [Ox Rate]

I would like input on any AI actions I should Include and I will try to keep up on all commenting.

hmm… maybe when taking damage (kind of along the line of AI collides but actually losing health/points) also maybe the aggression level as well would be nice to control or turn off. Sometimes the AI are ridiculous with how they follow the character. Good luck with this project!