Lumion or Lumen

I don’t understand why in Lumion or Lumen RT we don’t need to create a second uv channel for lightmaps.
This pass is created automatically and every geometry works fine with shadows.


This is similar to using 3Ds Max, Maya, or any other “offline” render from a modeling software.

Lightmaps are used in real-time setups to not have to bake shadows at run-time thus improving FPS. If you do not want to use Lightmaps you always have the option of using fully dynamic lighting, although I would recommend Lightmaps for the better shadow quality.


Lumion and Lumen are realtime software for archviz projects, shadows are computed in realtime, also reflections, particles, GI, etc. The rt engine is directx based.


Looking at this further Lumion uses Lightmaps and static lighting as well, if you choose to do so. From what I gather from their videos from their site is that everything is dynamically lit unless using a lightmap for static lighting.

I think the real difference here is that UE4 uses Stationary lights that are a combination of dynamic and static by default. Lumion appears to use dynamic lighting from what I read through on their forums posts unless you choose to set the lights as Static, which they recommend for “Dramatically improved render times.”](

Different real-time rendering engines are going to handle this in their own way, but for games lightmaps are the way to go for keeping performance up where possible.