Lumen Shadow and Flicker Issue


I am currently working on a project in UE5 and wanted to test out lumen. It was a fairly heavy scene in UE4 and seems to run pretty well in UE5 with lumen, but there is one pretty bad issue that comes up.

Depending on where I am facing there is an unbearable amount of flickering. I thought it might have been because of all the foliage I had, but when I hid the foliage the issue persisted.

Also when I am looking in a direction where there is no flickering, I notice on some of the foliage that there are some splotchy shadows even if I max out the final gather settings. Perhaps that one is just a limitation of lumen at the moment, but the biggest issue I need to solve is this flickering.

Does anybody have any thoughts or ideas? I have shared a link with a video demonstrating this behavior I am experiencing.


Quick update, I have actually hid the foliage again and it turns out that was causing the flickering. This project was previously using dlss and ray tracing but I have disable ray tracing for the UE5 project. I am still new to Unreal in general, so with the above stated, does anybody have any ideas on why it might still be flickering?

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I have the same problem …and I solved it like this Solución al problema de Flickeo en Sombras en Unreal 5 | Flieckeo Shadows Fixed - YouTube

Cann’t use youtube. Can you just tell us how to fix it ? Thx!

Their youtube video is their channel… and it just shows switching from virtual shadow maps in project settings to standard shadow maps.

FYI there are many causes for Lumen flicker.