Lumen noisy soft shadows (Bug?)

Hi everyone,
I’m a novice in UE and this might not be a bug, it might be me not knowing some basilar feature, but I prefer to point it out anyway and you’ll tell me if this is the case or not.
I have an indoor scene with very small windows and I’m trying to use only Lumen to add diffuse lights in the space. It works incredibly well except for the soft shadows, in some spots the soft shadows are very noisy, and I found no way to make them smoother, (changing final gather, AO samples, and render quality seems to not do the work, I also tried to add samples to the shadows through the command bar but it didn’t work as well)

I attach a snapshot of the problem, thanks Riccardo.

Another thing:
I already tried to increase these values from command line:
r.Shadow.Virtual.SMRT.RayCountLocal and r.Shadow.Virtual.SMRT.RayCountDirectional
but it didn’t change anything.

Any update on this?

Increasing GI sampling number doesn’t change anything. Actually it doesn’t even change the FPS, which doesn’t make sense because more sample should be slower. Looks like a bug to me.

Unfortunately not, I think it’s a limitation of the actual lumen system.
but you can improve it a little by tweaking some parameters: