"Lumen in the Land of Nanite” Release Request

Would the "Lumen in the Land of Nanite” Demo ever be made available to everyone so that we can play around with how it was made…? Seems to be a very good Demo of the positives that UE5 offers to all of us?

Thanks for your time.


That would be so amazing. Would be the icing on the cake if it releases when UE5 is out of early access. As extra content with UE5.


I second this request. I would love to check out the initial UE5 demo they showed off.


Absolutely! Would love to try and pick apart that demo out!

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Or…EPIC could make huge interplanetary “Tomb Raider” like game where you explore ancient ruins, ice caves, tidally locked planet surfaces to reveal signs of ancient class 6 civilization(Kardashev scale)…or something


Yes please. I found this demo to be much more impressive than what we got now.

Also it would be cool to have it not only as a Sample Project, but also as a fully compiled demo for the mainstream to use.

Yes and to be honest, Lumen in the land of Nanite seems even more impressive than the one they released.

I believe the only reason we got a new demo instead of that one is cause a lot of the features showed in the first demo are still very much WIP.

It would be nice if its released with 5.0 proper, or heck even if we get yet another demo on release that’s even more impressive and works better as a introduction-tutorial-like project for the learning tab in ue5

It’s great to see people commenting on this post. I see a lot of people have viewed it but not enough are leaving comments or feedback for Epic to see Interest within the community… If we really want to have a chance at seeing this demo first hand we need more involvement, spread the word, drive interest, send others here… Use this as a petition. The more views and replies the better… Even if it’s a “Yes I would” any thing positive would work… Thanks Community.

Yes! The IK, the wall climbing mechanic, the stalactite meshes, the flying ability, the portal Niagara FX LOL I would harvest everything! There’s a lot to learn from that demo.