Lumen black metallic screen space reflections

Hello everyone,

first of all thanks Epic for this incredible next gen real-time upgrade and allowing everyone to early access it!

After a day of experimentation I came across some problems or rather questions regarding the Lumen reflections. Yesterday I tried to create two metallic objects with a 0 roughness surface and placed them close to each other. I noticed that both these objects have problems reflecting each others surface and are shown as a rather non-metallic rough material. However if I look slightly from the side the reflected surface is displayed properly.
Therefore I was wondering if this is a limitation of Lumen or perhaps a real time rendering (most likely) issue in general.

Another problem I came across was the proper reflection of the skeletal mesh (third person template character). Static meshes are shown properly in the reflection whereas the character was rendered black. However when I slightly angle the camera, the character is rendered with the proper material.

Image to visualize the problems: Imgur - Reflection problems

So I was wondering if there is a particular solution to this issue or if there are perhaps any plans for the future to look into this issue? :slight_smile:

PS: A ray tracing reflection however solves the problem of reflecting skeletal meshes.

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having the same issue.

Same issue for me, hopefully it’s a known bug :slight_smile: