Lumen and Nanite in VR

As you probably know, VR will support Lumen and Nanite in the next build of UE5 (probably 5.1).
I just made some videos of these features in source build, which look amazing.


How does it perform? VR needs to maintain consistent framerate to prevent motion sickness. I am having hard time imagining lumen performing well enough in VR to maintain at least 90FPS without dips in non trivial levels :slight_smile:


It is not perfect yet but it is acceptable (as under development build)


If you are interested to test it:

UE5 for VR: Nanite [Masked and Opaque], Lumen - YouTube

Unreal Engine 5.2.0 Oculus Quest 2 (via AirLink) If you like to test it (needs Oculus Headset)
Download Link: Download - MEGA

Thumbstick: Movement
Grip: Rotate Sun

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Could you share the thumbstick movement? I works fine in 5.0 but then when I move it to 5.1 everything is gone :smiling_face_with_tear:

Lumen and VR really don’t work well. I have so much noisy shadows. Im not sure if its due to Rartracing or what but so far its been a pain