Lumberyard Engine

+1 to this.
While I’m still learning more about UE4 and Unity, I can smash out a prototype in Construct2 faster than anything else.

Right tool for the job, just like in programming or anything else really.

I am just wondering, people forget CE was deigned with one concept in mind; “Their game will only run on a pc”. thus they could go wild with graphics. It doesn’t make their engine any better, if they only have one environment to worry about.

Go to UE guys, tell them you want an engine, that will only run on high end PCs, and see what they will do for you guys.

I like both engines, would like to see how LY will change, now that Amazon took over. I would say this tou. Amazon will probably need another year or so before they have an stable enough engine that can export your game to all platforms + proper coding and document and an asset store.

Personally, I think Lumberyard’s got a some way to go to catch up with UE, which is way ahead in features and user base. Not like I wouldn’t be open to new things.

I looked at this but game up when it asked me to install everyone of the internet.

Game making is challenging enough and I for one will not spend countless hours looking undocumented or poor excuse for a manual. I’ll take the spaceship to the stars and get there in a fraction of the time. Life is too short.

Yea even if the engine was super good…the fact there’s pretty much no community, no tutorials, no documentation makes it not appealing at all to me.

I saw in an article that it has a login and stuff on the engine launcher, but I didn’t see an offline option. Does it have one? Because not having it is a huge turnoff.

CryEngine is locked under DRM; you can’t use it offline.
In first versions you coudn’t even PACKAGE your project before running after CryTek first and begging for a business contract… If you’re lucky you’d be able to publish your game… . . They are full of non-senses.

Ran into critical sign-in problems with CryEngine in 2013 because of that.
By accident I discovered if you launch a 2nd instance it bypasses the logon altogether.
I told Crytek, hoping they’d help fix the core problem, but just got tumbleweed

The level editing in ‘Lumberjack’ is fantastic, I wish UE4 offered that for fast tweaking meshes.
But where’s the support / community going to come from, and how long will that take to evolve???

and that’s when you’d run into Cry-Adam :wink:

Only with CryEngine LOL

Amazon services are very expensive.

Better to run your own or try out Google’s Cloud.

Look I don’t mean to brag!
I am trained in UE4, Frostbite, Source, CryEngine, Lumberyard, Impact JS, Unity, etc.
And out of all these game developing engines/softwares I find UE4 the best. Don’t look at other engines. UE4 has the best graphical capabilities. It is personally my favourite. You can trust me because I am trained in more than 15 game engines.

If a man was to have 15 wives, how well would he really know each one?

I think what sets ue4 apart from the others is the awesome engine features, it’s ease of use and most importantly epic’s support and great community.

After installing Lumberyard Engine it just killed my Tablet drivers without any reason. I hate you, Lumberyard. ^^

That sounds like nonsense, I very much doubt you spend enough time on all these engines to make a proper judgement. Not to mention that your personal bias will always play into your opinion.

So you work(ed) at EA, then? That’s the only way you’d be trained to use Frostbite.

With that being his only post and way back in March it’s pretty safe to say he’s not going to see these replies…

He’s either a child or a troll :confused:

Looks like that prediction has come true, or at least Amazon don’t want it anymore!
So is that it for Lumberyard, or will setting it free as open-source revive / reboot it?

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