[LudumDare] My entry - Two Worlds

Hello! I just did the Ludum Dare this week end, thoses who don’t know it’s a Game Jam in 48 or 72h. For my game I sumit for the 72h jam but I think I sleeped almost 25h and have a familly meeting :D.

Well first thing first the link : ludumdare.com/compo data is offline | Ludum Dare

And some screenshot :

The theme of this ludum dare 30 was ‘connected world’ so I tried to match it up! :slight_smile:

For the moment only 64 and 32 bits are available I try to build a Html5 version … But I’m not a programmer so may take some times! For the moment the version is very laggy I dont know why :S.

All the game is in blueprints, the sources (unreal project) will come later. I used all neat stuff like Paper2D for all the asset and UMG for the UI. I didnt have time to finish all the arts (I Started 2h before the dealine :D) I was focusing in bugs and such. If you have questions or mores informations, you please feel free to ask!