[LudumDare] [HTML5] Psychiatric Hospital Ludum Dare Jam 72h

Hello !

For thoses who don’t know Ludum Dare : It’s a game jam happening over a week end. You must create a game in 48h or 72h and then submit it at the end !

For this Ludum Dare number 30 we created a small game with UE4 Blueprint Only and exported it in HTML5 :

"You are welcomed in a psychiatric hospital… Each patient is in its own world… You must reconnect it to the reality… Will you be able to save your patients ? "

Here is the ludum dare link : http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-30/?action=preview&uid=25248

And the web version : http://www.gtaze.fr/ld/ld30/html5/LD30-HTML5.html

There was no many problems to export to HTML5, you just have to be sure to have build the UE4 project in Development (for Developement package) or Shipping (for Shipping package) with the HTML5 configuration (in VS) and to have the good version of emscripten (1.21.0 for 4.4).
There was a problem with 32bits compatibility browsers : i just had to edit manually the generated HTML file and change the TOTAL MEMORY parameter (default is too big for 32bits browser) i just changed it to “TOTAL_MEMORY: 268435456” (256Mo).

It was pretty fun working with blueprints and to not touch a single CPP file ! Thanks Epic !