Ludum Dare - Building Bridges


I, like a few others here, participated in the Ludum Dare game jam and made a game in 2 days with Unreal Engine.


2 days ain’t much to make something playworthy, but I gave it my best. The outcome is a lunar lander type of game. You have to fly around and first and foremost try not to crash horribly. If you managed that, you can pick up building materials with your beam and transport it to the bridge to construct it. I made it pretty **** hard to finish a level, because I like hard games that give you a bit of satisfaction beating them.

You can download and try it out here Ludum Dare Page - click on windows to download the game

I recorded everything and I had roughly 30 hours of footage so I made a timelapse video of it.


That is awesome man! I love the art style :slight_smile: It’s so neat to see these game jam projects, knowing how quickly they were mad makes you really appreciate the skill it takes to do this (as well as how great UE4 is at allowing you to create games that look great in a short amount of time).

Good job! :wink:

really awesome work, thankful.

i’m wondering that no one never say something, or even why it’s not on “WEEKLY TWITCH RECAP” news, community managers(Chance Ivey) what do you do exactly?? this work is awesome.!!

Wow, you’re using simple 3d model yet it looks very stylish :slight_smile:
Good job man!!!

thx for the positive comments guys! I just watched the timelapse again - it was a good weekend.

I am looking forward to the next Ludum Dare using UE4 again :stuck_out_tongue:

This is awesome! :cool:

I love the low poly art style! Using this style for my first game!

I loved your entry. It was really amazing the quality of art you pushed out. What i really liked was the evolution of the lunar landing type of game, i don’t think i ever played such a cool lunar landing game, the whole, fly over, hover, collect and building was really spot on, Great Job mate!

Results are out!
48 Hour Compo Entries: 1493
0-5 star rating system

#14 Graphics 4.45
#263 Overall 3.51
#282 Audio 3.19
#340 Mood 3.25
#486 Fun 3.12
#573 Humor 2.29
#588 Innovation 3.12
#674 Theme 3.10

I am more than happy with it. Actually almost making Top10 in graphics was pretty surprising with my programmer art :stuck_out_tongue:
#263 overall in the /compo is pretty good as well. Considering that the majority had problems with the controls, I though I’d barely make it over the 3.0 mark.
So the ones that didn’t have problems, most likely enjoyed it.

This is pretty darn great! I tried firing up the source but get a lot of ‘derived from invalid class’ error messages, and I couldn’t see a .uproject file showing the UE version etc… Is there a quick fix for this?

Thanks anyway, good job!

Its not the complete project folder. If you want to try it, then create a new project and paste content of the source .rar into your project and compile the code. It’s 4.4 and should work.

Let me know if it doesn’t and I will upload the complete project including project files.

Awesome job on your project DennyR! It is crazy to see how much work was done and in only 2 days. Keep up the great work and I cant wait to see what you decide to work on in the future. Have a great day!

Oh, I was under the assumption it was all blueprints, should’ve realized probably. I’m not setup with the full source code etc, if you could put up the project with the compiled code that’d be awesome! If not I’ll try to figure that whole thing out…

Thanks a bunch again!