LucidLens - Augmented Reality

Hello Everyone!

It has been a while since I’ve been on this forum and I just got out of covid, but I am would love to know if people are interested in trying this prototype. The goal of this prototype is to make it easy to create Augmented Reality experiences using Unreal. There are many AR tools such as Lens Studio or Spark AR, but these tools are closed off for their respective social media platforms. How awesome would it be if you could use the full power of Unreal to create AR experiences? I made a simple app to which you can push mods to from inside the editor. Within the app you can open the levels that you added to your mod. This way you don’t have to install android studio and everything to package an unreal engine project to your phone.

I made this video the other day to showcase two mods with two sets of content from the marketplace. One is school of fish and the other is a robot pet. Though I am a programmer, so I am more interested in what people with a more artistic eye can do with this.

You can try it yourself and see your own content in AR by following these setup instructions (currently only for Android). There are still many things that can be done to improve this, so any feedback is welcome. Discord


Looks awesome man, you made an awesome workflow there to save time to devs.
I think you should make a public video about the easy setup to everyone so the people will see more water clear how it works and what save you from do.