Lucen - an action-adventure hack n slash

Hi all, I’d like to introduce the game I’m solo developing! Lucen is an action-adventure game, in which you must harness light to hack and slash giant foes as you quest to the top of a mountain.

Steam: Lucen on Steam

I’ve been working on it since August, and I’m really enjoying the challenges of solo game dev. I’m creating all assets by myself, using predominantly Houdini (including Houdini for rigging and animation). Here are some gifs, and the first two devlogs I’ve made! In the devlogs I go over my process a little bit, and my plans going forward. Hope you enjoy.

Latest Devlog:





I’m keen to hear any feedback you might have! Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

Here are a couple gifs from the past week

it looks really awesome. I’m following you on twitter, there is where I saw your game for the first time. I hope we can share tips! I’m working on a personal project to but from the other side, I’m coder :wink:


Thanks a lot! Really glad you like it. We can absolutely share tips, hit me up anytime :slight_smile:

Here’s a couple more from this week:
Charge-up attack WIP

Pseudo-dynamic camera:

Here are a couple more gifs from the past week

And the latest devlog:

Here are a few more from the last couple weeks!

Bow gameplay

Cinematic Camera

Fire at the shrine

Latest devlog:

This looks really good!

Thanks heaps! :slight_smile:

Here’s another from this week:

Loving the progress! Also really enjoying all the videos you are putting on Youtube!

Thanks so much! Really glad you’re enjoying them <3

Here’s another gif:

And the latest devlog:

Love the art style of this game! I also like how you explained your techniques in your devlog. Looking forward to seeing more!

Thanks so much Karl, happy to hear you’re enjoying them :slight_smile:

Here’s a couple more GIFs:

Woo, I just released the announcement trailer and steam page! Check them out here:](