[LUA] Is it possible to load an external lua file in the dev kit?

So I am wondering, after attempting to import and read a ‘.lua’ file in the dev kit which resulted in a script class, is it possible to load a lua file from the hard-drive? If so, I would love to know how to do that! I know the following, but need help knowing how to assemble it together and make it work (if it will work. If it doesn’t, please integrate it! YES I’M SPEAKING TO YOU OFFICIAL ARK DEVS! :slight_smile: ):

There are some peculiar blueprint classes, namely:

  • A ScriptComponent class
  • A ScriptClass
  • A ScriptTestActor class (Of which the description says: “To be removed at some point”)

Is it me, or does it sound/look like the devs are secretly adding in lua support slowly? Can one of the devs shed some light on the subject/idea of lua scripting, or the implementation of external script loading?

There isn’t any point in having Lua support with the Blueprint system, and they have already stated that they will not be adding access to the source code. Those Blueprint nodes you mentioned are from the base engine and are used to execute code you wrote there, iirc.

While I do know that we will not be getting the source code of the game, some people prefer the programming style to blueprinting. I for one like both; and seeing as lua is an easy to learn, simple language, it honestly wouldn’t hurt.

c++ cannot be used so im assuming not

Can a dev confirm wether or not this will/might happen?

The reason I ask, is because some of us prefer programming to blueprinting; since the devs obviously have some scripting system in place, why not extend that to the end use through lua. I’m really hoping that they will enable us as a modding community to take advantage of the powerful programming language that is lua. I personally want lua implemented for a total conversion mod I have planned, which would require me to load/interpret JSON files.

I would like to see lua support added as well. I was a bit confused when I initially ran the editor. My first thought was “Where do I add my scripts?”. I’m a bit disappointed that I can’t use my text editor.

For the mod I have planned I would like to be able to replace the libraries that save/load the game data so that I can point it to a MySQL server instead. This type of server side mod would be platform specific, should allow full use of C++, and would also not be published in workshop. We should be able to extend the server in any way we choose. This is for situations where a lot of customization is desired.

Ehh, you can’t just expose everything and leave it open to potential security issues. I doubt this will happen and beyond that I have to ask, why do you need this? I fail to see the point with the way UE is setup. If you like programming trust me, you’ll like the blueprinting system.

I’ve got nothing against the blueprinting system necessarily, it’s just an adjustment. I expect most developers that are used to text editors are going to dislike it at first.

The only real change I would want to see is MySQL support rather than having it get stored directly to file. Makes it easier to select, customize, and manipulate the data. This could be for exposing information about the saved data to a website plugin, could be for sharing a players character across multiple servers owned by same host, or for storing dynamic game data to reduce the need for publishing new mod updates. For instance maybe I want to dynamically control weather patterns, adjust loot from dinos, or adjust server difficulty from custom tables. I’m used to modding Arma 3, where it makes a distinction between client and server mods. There are many server mods available for accessing different types of databases and allow the modders to customize the game completely.

If it were possible to override some of the server logic a modder could build the component to integrate with MySQL. If they added native support that would work for me too. Or as the thread author requested, perhaps native support for loading json files as well. I’m just saying if the modders can do it instead of the Ark Devs it could probably get done faster.