LS-0019-IS-PQR3010 on the start of running UE4

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hi, i am a new user. i am trying this unreal engine to learn but accidentally i am not even able to install it … same issue LS-0019-IS-PQR3010

i try to lunch it by double-clicking on the unreal engine icon on the desktop

Right-click on your Epic Games launcher desktop shortcut Select “Properties” In the line labeled “Target,” add the following to the very end (after the quotation mark): -SkipBuildPatchPrereq It should look something like this: “C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Launcher\Portal\Binaries\Win64\EpicGamesLauncher.exe” -SkipBuildPatchPrereq
Click “Apply” Double click the shortcut to run the launcher and try again and make sure to add the space between the quotation and dash

make sure you check that all instances of UE4/Launcher are closed out in the Task Manager before reopening the Launcher (since the Launcher by default remains in the system tray). PS. This is the only solution that has worked for us since it completely bypasses the Prereqs.

Simple fix. Find the launcher installed on your computer, right click on the application and Run as Administrator. Worked for me.

Still having the issue. Ensured no other instances were running, and tried “Run as Admin”.

What is your Operating System version? Does it always give you that same error or does something else happen?

Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit. Same error every time. I’ve recorded the process here:

Apparently, restarting your computer may solve the issue too.


Restart fixed it. >_<


Worked, thanks!

cheers and you welcome mate

I had multiple Unreal Engine Versions installed.
I removed the older ones as i figured that some files may conflict with each other.
Then i verified the latest version and i had to run it with Administrative Prilviledges.

That was it for me.

That worked. Wonder if it’s because I changed the default install location.