Lowpoly Office Demo

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on making a lowpoly (mobile friendly) office environment. While some models are currently just placeholders, the overal look & feel will not change during the remaining development of this scene. A few things still has to be made or improved, such as the kitchen and ceiling. All the models are lowpoly with the chair being the highest with just 4k poly.
I meanly developed this to play around with UE4 seeing how UE4 is better than UDK which i previously used (almost a year ago that is).


Clean, seems like a pleasant place to work. Nice. =)

So, I made a quick video of what we have done so far. In the video the lowpoly stuff is much more visible. Next step is tuning the models up a bit, polish them and add functionality to the environment. I’m not all into the nice matinee effects. But i will spend some time on the final video.

@SE_JonF thanks.

Excellent start; I like it… keep it up :slight_smile:
Could you please tell how did you create the doors mirror material (in the video)…?
Best wishes

This is how the blurred glass looks like. In the scene a “SphereReflectionCapture” does the reflections. Lots of things of the material isn’t hooked up and doesn’t do anything. It’s really just a basic texture with alpha. Nothing more.


Thanks for sharing