LowlevelFatalError Missing global shader


Hello, I get this error on every Unreal engine package doesn’t matter from where.
I bought Darksiders game and also the same problem the only problem solved was to add -sm4 to steam game General properties

Advanced users may choose to enter modifications to their launch options.

But I cannot still launch any bake game 4.24, 4.25,4.26

alt text

OK I figure OUT! I made a new user profile in Windows and it works… maaaan…

Just incase anyone else stumbles on this issue. I solved the problem by changing my UserEngine.ini settings to r.SkinCache.ForceRecomputeTangents=False

Find this under:
%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Unreal Engine\Engine\Config

This is why switching to a new Windows profile worked for OP.