LowLevelFatalError - Assertion failed Error


I was able to build my project for HTML5. However, I am not able to deploy it onto a server. If I try to run the project locally using HTML5LauncherHelper.exe the project runs without any problem. Once, I move the files into a server (wamp server) project stops working.

Here is the screenshot of the error displayed:

Can anyone help me regarding how to solve this issue?

Hello , I’m having the same problem . If anyone can help . I would greatly appreciate it .

Just a few things to ask first:

A solution to try:
You can always use the uncompressed versions from the Binaries\HTML5 folder. Just copy these files to your server:

[PROJECT].js.symbols (not needed if you do not know what it is for, UE is already crashed if this file is needed)
Utility.js (if this file is bigger than 54kb, delete it and package html again to get a small one, there is a bug that makes this file bigger, yet not a fatal problem)

Just replace those PROJECT parts with your project name when you are selecting :slight_smile:

Then open the .html file in an editor (notepad/textedit is fine) and scroll down to the near-end. You can see a list of files in here. Remove the .gz parts. You’ll see something lik

    // start downloads in parallel, print when done.  
    var promises = 

Also, open the [PROJECT].data.js file (small one, mostly 7kb in size). Remove the .gz from here to (4.10 does not add a .gz here, so if you do not see it, it’s ok).

    var REMOTE_PACKAGE_BASE = 'Something.data**.gz**';

Then refresh your project again. See if it is running ok.