Lowlevel fatal error????

No idea what this is or means…but it just happened


Has anyone seen this? it looks like a shader error but I am unsure as to why it would throw it now as it happened when I was in an area that hasn’t been updated in a very long time.

bumping this as this is a LIVE game issue

Did you update with the GitHub by any chance? There was a shader fault released in the update from yesterday?

Because it’s having a shader crash on your end with the default material for all objects in UE4 WorldGridMaterial, it could be the data it’s being parsed or it could be a faulty compiled shader or library fault. If you do a Verify you will revert to the old version of ADK and apparently the new binaries are “safe”

I’ve never used github to update at all…but maybe the last update I received thru the Epic Game Launcher did the same thing? ****…gonna try to do a verify now

Thank you Akukiyo for the tip…I hope it works

Didn’t’ work…still does it. I am so confused right now. I’ve not worked on this area in months…and now all of a sudden…crashes.

I can’t remake the map either…nor do I have a more recent backup of it…the engine backed it up last 10 days ago…lots happened since then.
all this happens just as the map starts getting more of a following…figures.

I can see the land in the editor…I can see the land IN GAME…but when i get too close…bam…it crashes.


Dunno if you can tell but…the brush for foliage…is in mid air and just a round ball there.

as opposed to right next to that spot which looks like this

Nice and normal.

The area inside the circled bit…that’s what is effected. Can’t even put a sculpt brush on it as the brush just vanishes and you cannot click on it.

This sucks…I can’t remake this as i said before. Why did this happen? i’ve done NOTHING in this area since april and it was working fine.

I’m so gutted right now…all my hard work…ruined.

now things are getting interesting. i’m noticing that there is like …an invisible area where I circled above…anytime i try to lay down rocks…they are stuck in the air…like if its an invisible landscape.
but ONLY those areas…everythign right outside it winds up on the ground

BUMP as this is important

No idea. Anyone else?