Lowering resolution outside of Camera for Cinematics

Greetings Unrealists!

A while back I remember a post about a dev saying that it is possible to increase the fideltiy of what is in camera,
in UE4 to a point that cant be maintained in real time normally, by lowering/trashing/not rendering highly,
anything outside of the camera to create a very high fidelity short cinematic film.

I would like to ask in more depth on this topic now…
Is it actually possible? And if so how?

No one actually knows anything about this?
Like not even a bit? Im suprised!

Pretty sure UE4 does this automatically already. It’s called culling if that’s what you’re looking for.

Thank you very much for the name!

Is there a way to more manually adjust it to fit a projects individual needs?

I don’t know much about it myself but the docs have a bit about culling.


Wait… the more i read on this culling
THe more it seems to talk more about distance rather than whether in or out of camera…

Like they talk about a certain distance away only — will be rendered and when close you can determine how much more gets rendered

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

In general it will try to dynamically calculate when an object comes into frame. You can have a bit more control using Cull Distance volumes and Precomputed Visibility volumes

It should be pretty simple just have low poly versions of all the assets in the scene. Since you know where camera is pointing set up the scene so every thing not showing is low poly.