Lowering dino food by specified amount

Hey everyone!

I’m currently trying to make my own “taming sedative” and would really like to know this: how does the Use Item Add Character Status Values work with the food stat. Because when i put in base amount of let’s say -0.1 the food drop seems pretty random across all dinos, for example I force fed the narcotics to a dodo and it lowered it’s foor by exactly 288 yet the same narcotic lowered the food of a dilo by about ~173. I wanted to know if there is a way to make it constant across all dinos, let’s say 200 points of food will go down no matter the dino.

If someone could explain to me how these values are handled or applied and help me out with how to set it up I would greatly appreciate it.


Regarding your Example of -0.1, you seem to use a percentage. Just untick “Percentag of Current Status Value” and/or “Percentage of Max Status Value” and then change your “Base Amount to Add” to something total you wish like 200.

Actually the only option ticked was the Dont Require Less Than Max to Use and it was resulting in mostly random values in both cases (dodo and dilo). That’s why I’m asking here because I tried the (for me anyway) most obvious options.

EDIT: for dodo it always seems to be constant 288 as well for dilo constant 172.8 food drop when using -0.1, no matter the level or amount of food they had.

Do you by chance trying to modify the Food Status two times with the the “Use Item Add Character Status Values” Array? Regarding my expirience every Status-Value can only modified once with this array. If you have one two times, then the first one will always win and the second one will never be executed.

Another Idea. Have you ticked “Force Use Item Add Character Stats on Dinos”? I would guess you have, because if not nothing you added inside the Array will affect any Dino.
But if not, maybe the Values changed by your Item are implied from the Child you created it from?

Nope, just 1 status trying to lower the food, nothing else. And yes the “Force Use Item Add Character Stats on Dinos” option is ticked, also i just copied the narcotic bp instead of making a child so parent is the “Primal Item Consumable Eatable”.
A thing to note is that as soon as i change the “Base Amount to Add” to any positive number it works correctly, i.e. +0.1 would add 0.1 food, +1 would add 1.0 food, etc. It just starts to bug out as soon as i change the number to negative.

While looking at other BPs like Stimberries I see they also modified e.g. the “Ingredient Food Increase per Quantity”. Maybe this helps?

Doesn’t seem to do anything really. I guess these values are used in the custom recipes you can make in-game.

Sorry don’t have any Ideas anymore…

Oh well, gotta think something up. Thank you for taking your time to help me, really appreciate it.

Hello, im working on calculating this out rly a longt time now.
and just what i foudn out, is, it matters just on Food. Not on the Level from Dinos.

Every wild Dino get 300 food/Level. But your Valuie decrase the food in a number, not in percent. So if you set -0.25 for example on food, it takes from 3000 (Lvl1) to between 1300 - 1215 all the time.
I tryed to calculate this out, but theres no chance to get a connection with the -0.25 in the food-value.