Low/simple poly island

Inspired by the kinds of things they have over in r/low_poly I made this tonight. No textures, just my own materials. The water looks dreadful without fog though, it makes some weird-*** shadows on itself.

Modelled in Blender, which I found surprisingly good to use for this kind of thing

That’s pretty. Make it into a game!

Great job rodstone! I really like the water with the low-poly look. I really hope to see this low-poly level implemented into a game. Be sure to keep us updated with your progress. Have a great day!

Yeah, I want to make it move a bit and not sure how I am going to do it yet.

Haha it is! It’s actually the level selecting/map level

Vertex displacement in your shader. I use that plus tessellation to turn a flat cube into a pool of wavy water - you won’t even need to tessellate.

Thanks dude you’re a legend!

I just gave it a little go. I doesn’t appear to move the vertices. I wouldn’t want to add tesselation, given the look I’m going for. Hmm

You don’t have to do the tessellation in the shader, but you can still offset the vertexes there if the plane have some subdivisions already. Did something like that earlier in ue4


That looks nice! I tried for a very long time and settled with using the SimpleGrassWind node, because I couldn’t for the life of me work out how to take something like a noise map and send it to the displacement and have it work! I was also having trouble because I needed to map whatever texture/pattern I used to world space because it simply wouldn’t tile properly on my mesh, it was as if my mesh was always just one colour of the texture at a time so every vertex would move in the same direction at any time


No maps needed, just simple shader math. Take a look at the waving flag in the example project to get a feel for where to start :slight_smile:

So on your island, I take it that you imported that as a mesh and not with the landscape tool, right? That aside, it’s beautiful work man.

Thanks man, I’ve long since abandoned the project (sometimes you have to cut your losses and go with what works for the game, even if you like what you made) but yes, all done in blender

Low-Poly is EASY. turn off the smoothing groups and add a nice rendering engine (UE4!) and it’s all good

TBH I made a somewhat complex (for me, anyway) shader for that island, it’s all one material with no textures. I can’t remember the name of the function but it lerped between two main branches based on angle (dirt for more vertical slopes and grass for more horizontal slopes) and used fresnel on each of the two branches (dirt and grass) to inject a bit more flavour (that never hurts)

I made a more advanced one later on that also added snow to anything about a certain world height but it lost that nice low-poly look, having each quad/tri being it’s own colour helps, and textures or colours than change in the middle of a quad/tri don’t help the look, IMO anyway

That’s rather unfortunate about the project. I would’ve loved to have seen what came of it.

The project itself isn’t ditched, the game was a thrusty rocket game. The island itself was just part of a level/island selection part of the game and so you never did anything with the island as such, just looked at it really…

Thanks though. Maybe I’ll resurrect it as a background or something

How exactly did you do this? this is perfect for what im doing!