Low resolution game and disabled antialiasing

I started toying with this idea of simulating an old 3D game like on PS1. I set the game to 640x480 resolution and dropped the scaling settings down. Antialiasing is on 0 so it should be disabled and resolution scale is at 100. When I start my game in windowed mode it looks as it should, but when I fullscreen the game, the image becomes very blurry and the image doesn’t keep its crisp pixelated look.

Is this intentional or am I doing something wrong? Maybe it’s not even possible to make pixelated games on U4?

This is because your screen isn’t 640x480 as well, so it has to enlarge the image to fit fullscreen. I think it’s actually Windows/your graphics driver that does the resampling, and it’s not doing it as nearest neighbour.

You may need put the resolution back to your screen’s native, then reduce the scaling instead.

The trick will be to get the same scale of pixels regardless of the display’s resolution (playing the game with a high dpi screen may end up pretty high res still).