Low Res Texture Pack for Epic's Automotive Materials

Hey all,

I created a Lower Res version of the textures for Epic’s Automotive Materials for anyone interested. It lowers the final asset size down to only 551megs from the original 873. I lowered all of the 8K and 4K textures to 2K and you can hardly tell the difference in quality but man does it improve performance and load times on mid range cards. Download available on my website (Only 38 megs compressed) http://torquemod.com/AutomotiveTexturesLowRes.rar

You need to first install the Automotive Materials asset from the Marketplace and then load it up once. After it’s loaded, you simply drag and drop the folders from my rar into the Textures directory in the content browser and it will replace all of the 8K textures with my 2K ones. Give you a huge performance boost for almost no visual degradation. Makes a big difference on the loading time too. Full install instructions in the rar file comments.