low ratio of answered questions on forum: slow learning

Hey everybody.
I’m so excited by the Engine, but struggle to learn.
I often post questions on the forum, but it seems only 1 out of 5 get an answer, and often barely.

Does anyone know of any better communities / learning resources to engage with others trying to learn?

Thanks very much for any help.

Hey there! I’m not sure if there is a better community than the official forum. Ever since they made the change to the software a while back user engagement seemed to decline a bit due to the clunky nature compared to before. Answerhub may be an alternative, though you may not find that to be much different as there are often pages of unanswered questions.

hey thanks for the reply.
Yeah – answer hub is the same thing. I recently a posted a question and it just sat there with no reply.

Do you have any other suggestions? The technology is amazing and I’m hungry to learn it, but as a lone artist with a bad response ratio, I tend to loose motivation.

What are your STATS for answering other people’s questions? :stuck_out_tongue:
Leave time for that or give back, as you make friends that way…

Look around for Unreal Meetups in your area, if none start one…

Other popular channels include Discord etc… Works for some…

If you’re an artist give away some free art in Community-Tools.

Overall the forums aren’t that great a learning resource anymore.
Answer-Hub isn’t even taken seriously by Epic atm, if it ever was.
Joining an existing team/working with others is popular (Techlord)…
And of course if you have money people will surely help (Ironbelly). :smiley:

Many times I’ve managed to find the solution to an issue well before an answer is provided, or in some cases where they never came at all. The best thing you can do while you wait is continue to hack away at whatever issue you’re experiencing. Good luck. =)

Most of the questions getting posted can be answered by doing a search

Personally for me i’ve given up helping many people because a vast majority of the questions are just the same basic stuff over and over again. No one seems to want to actually learn anything these days just jump right in then start asking questions like “how do make my player move right”.

You try and help them and then it just leads to more questions cause they dont understand the answers.

Plus like darth says…theres so many questions that you could easily find the answers for by just googling them that helping these people just encourages them to be even more lazy buggers.

The Discord is pretty good for quick questions, as long as its not too vague, or something that has been asked hundreds of times already.

Thanks for the all the replies everyone. It’s a great a question about few replies gets a bunch :slight_smile:

I really appreciate everyone’s suggestions.

  • while I’m not very good, I will try and answer others questions more.

  • I will try and try and learn more on my own

  • I will try and search harder

  • I will try the Discord

Also, based on the (valid) frustration about answering dumb questions over and over, I will also try and make sure my questions aren’t searchable and worth answering.

Much thanks to all for feedback and suggestions.

p.s. darthviper107 – you’re one of the few people who has answered a number of my questions over the last few years. I really appreciate you doing that!

Obviously dont let my apathetic view put you off :slight_smile:

i find a good way to ask a question on here, even if it does seem simplistic, is to at least say you’ve tried doing x or y first and read these docs hreads\articles but not quite getting it. People are more inclined to help people who are making an effort.

if you havnt already go through the official epic tutorial vids. They answer most of the simple questions people post, especially in the blueprints forum…this is also how you know when lazy buggers havmt even bothered to go through them based on their questions :wink:

Good luck :slight_smile: