Low quality distance fields??

Hi, I have a problem with my material, which I want it to react on proximity, (in this case to the frame) but distance fields dont look smooth as I expected, it look like some stairs, thing that i dont want

The scalar parameter is set on an instance of that material set to 100.000, the rendering settings are on cinemátic and i want to avoid that stair looking effect.

I’d apreciate any solution or workaround

  1. That’s a crazy value for the distance variable. 100 might be better to start with.

  2. Did you make sure the mesh is not generating distance fields?

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1 With smaler values like 100 doesn’t look like affecting at all because of the mesh dimensions I guess.

2 Yes, the mesh does not generate distance fields

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Try actually putting something ON the mesh :slight_smile:

You can’t test distance fields with a mesh on its own :slight_smile:

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I have already tried, even testid with a basic cube and moving it around the level but it just keep showing that weird stairs