Low Poly with Pixel Art - a test NES

I’d like to make this thread a low poly/pixel art submission thread! Post your low poly pixel art <3 !!!
No rules for submissions although remember that this thread is dedicated to low poly meshes with pixel art as textures.

I’ve always loved pixel art and low poly meshes, I’ve never been a really great artist but i like to try. I’ve never uvw’d anything before this i my first model doing the uvw. Everything I have ever modeled before was with no mapping. Well i tried to make myself a low poly pixel art NES as a catalyst so i could learn uvw, and i think it turned out okay. Also this was a test case looking at low poly meshes with pixel art on them, i think this technique looks smashing. This is probably my favorite art piece yet, even more so than my skeleton and organs for organ n arms.

Here she is with all her glory.

nes render.png&stc=1

nes wire.png&stc=1

Can’t wait to see more! I’m a sucker for these kind of stuff! :smiley:

A simple mesh im working on, modeling, and uwving it. 820 faces. It’s me, i haven’t made hair yet, i got like a foot long mohawk, looking todo some pixel art for the texture. not sure res yet but will update

Here are some conceptual assets for a minimalist style game I plan to start working on over summer.



I don’t have the polycounts with me though, sorry! ;A;

Oh my gosh, this is beautiful. I’m in love :o Great Work!!!

Hey! And how is it going?
I am currently trying to work with lowpoly+pixel art in UE too and I am fairly interested in Your expierience.
Can’t wait to see more!!

There is my character.
I’ve put him into the engine, but I am not totally satisfied with how does he present himself in the engine.
I woud love to achieve effect similar to Vagrant Story at the end.
So that he interacts somehow with light, but doesn’t lost totally his true colors or reflects the light like if he was made out of glass.