Low Poly Weapons Pack [For Sale]

I’m Happy to announce that after almost 5 months of hard work my new low poly package for the unreal engine marketplace has been finished.


The pack is in review by the marketplace team and will be uploaded probably in a month from now
until then i’m selling the pack on the sellfy site

The Price: $9.99

Buy: https://sellfy.com/p/a6SC/ [HR][/HR]
The Low Poly Weapons Pack contain 33 Weapons and Ammunition types props from the classic era to the modern era.

The Pack Contains-

  • 11 Weapon models
  • 7 Ammunition types
  • 5 Types of bullet and bullets shells
  • 3 Types of Grenades
  • 3 Parts of an 18th Century Cannon


WIP Thread: https://forums.unrealengine.com/comm…props-released

Buy the pack on the UE4 Marketplace: (soon)

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My Sellfy Store: https://sellfy.com/ziviz [HR][/HR]
Technical Details:

Collision: Automatically Generated
Between 700 and 2000 Polygons
Number of Meshes: 33
Materials: 1
Material Instances: 18

Intended Platform: Windows

Love the style of these! These will definitely be useful for some upcoming projects! Great work!

Thank you very much!

Oh nice! I have been waiting for this. :slight_smile:

A bit sad though that you removed a few weapons (like the ones I suggested), are you planning on adding them at a later time?

yeah i did removed some ideas cause i was pretty tired from working on it it was taking too long, at the moment im waiting until epic will upload it to the marketplace, there is some stupid issues so sadly it will take some more time until it would be uploaded to the marketplace, and yeah i believe that i will upload more weapons
models after it would be uploaded to the marketplace

I am having trouble adding these weapons to my game. Any help?

I have downloaded the pack and i got a notepad file so i opened it with winrar and now i have no idea on how to add it to my game.

When you download it it should open as a winrar file, then go to “LowpolyWeaponsPack” > Content and inside it there is a folder called “LowpolyWeapons” drag it from the winrar into your project content folder and load your project after it

Hehe this is adorable