Low Poly Vehicles Military Pack 2

NOW AVAILABLE!!!…-military-pack


With the content of this asset you can drive 7** different vehicles** with a lowpoly style in your video game. In addition, it has been included different textures to create 14 variations in total. But all the cars were being textured in order to create your own textures and change the image to achieve your range of colours of your project.

Also, includes a demonstration circuit and atrezzo objects (trees, cones and blocks of straw) to test the vehicles.

Vehicle pack features:

  • Drivable Vehicles: all vehicles are drivable (keyboard or gamepad) and you can test it in the demonstration circuit.
  • Smooth Camera Follow: all vehicles include a smooth camera behind the car.

With the Unreal Engine Wheeled Vehicle, you can configure:

  • Tyre friction.
  • Suspension (damping ratio, natural frequency, etc.).
  • Engine setup (RPM, torque curve, etc.).
  • Front drive, Rear drive or Four wheels traction.
  • Transmission setup (automatic/manual, gear switch time, gear ratio, etc.).
  • Steering curve.
  • Max brake and handbrake torque.


Input Mappings:

Go to “Project Settings” menu of your project and in the “Input” section add these Input Mappings: MoveForward, **MoveRight **and Handbrake. Check the attached image that you’ll find in this asset to copy the detailed configuration of these Input Mappings.

Demonstraton circuit:

This pack includes a demonstration circuit to test the vehicles.

  • Press “C” key to change the camera between the vehicle camera and the parking camera.
  • Press “V” key to change between the different vehicles.
  • If you want to add a vehicle to the demonstration map, drag & drop the vehicle from folder “Vehicles/Blueprints” to the scene and finally add the item in the VehicleList variable from the Level Blueprint.

Meshes: 5 items
#] Object Type
[5] Vehicle

Maps: 2 maps
[1] Objects Map
[1] Demonstration Map


  • Vehicle1_1: 3785
  • Vehicle1_2: 4400
  • Vehicle1_3: 4830
  • Vehicle1_4: 4862
  • Vehicle1_5: 3520

Engine Version: 4.15 or higher
Platform: Windows, MAC
LODs: 0
Number of Meshes: 5 items
Collision: Yes (custom)
Network Replicated: No
Number of Master Materials: 10 materials
Number of Variations: 10 items
Number of Textures: 10 textures


More screenshots:…-military-pack

I hope you like it! :slight_smile:


  • Added turrets to armoured vehicles (4 new variations).
  • Updated screenshots and video preview.