Low Poly Stylized Environment

Hi! This is my latest project
‘Low Poly Stylized Environment’
Released on the marketplace Today. Hope you like it!



All variety of assets to build a Lowpoly Environment.
Procedural base colored & textured versions of over 160 models.
Perfect for quick prototyping or any stylized final product.
All materials tweakable and can be customized with new textures or colors.

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• All materials tweakable and can be customized with new textures or colors
• Collection of lowpoly stylized models (with proper uvs)
• Fully loaded demo level map (showed on screenshots)
• 160 models with procedural materials with base colors and combination of noise textures, wind settings, procedural snow layer
• 150 models (same models with other 150) with grouped uvs and textures
• Character Model rigged and ready for using with 3rd person 1st person character BPs
• 1 vehicle is rigged and ready for using with vehicle BPs
• Fire particles, skybox & clouds texture
• Automated landscape, paintable landscape layers, paint ready foliage types and paintable landscape grass

Pluses: (comparing other lowpoly style packages)
-Auto Landscape material with material functions and fully tweakable settings.
-1 rigged character + 1 rigged vehicle
-160 different object with wide range of style. And every object has 2 versions. colored material versions and atlas textured versions. (total 320 objects)
(you can make a quick prototype with the colors you want or use atlas textured versions)
-Solid style with particles and shaders. (fire, water, sky)
-Shaders have all settings which you can see in realistic marketplace packages. (foliage wind, waves, overall quick snow layers on objects and landscape, with too much settings)
-Retarget character, migrate vehicle BP, plug&play.

[SIZE=5]Technical Details]([/SIZE] [SIZE=5]HD Screenshots]([/SIZE]


[SIZE=5]More Screenshots]([/SIZE]

I’m making updates to the pack and this is the preview video, hope you like it!


I’m making new updates for this pack. i have two options right now. Which one do you interested in?

1- Full Day / night cycle? (time based, effects sun light, location, atmospheric fog etc.)
2- Global seasons cycle? (Not time based, effects materials (color, snow layer, etc) of the objects and terrain. Controlling with scalar parameters by BP)

Only BP by the way.

Both of course. No one will answer something else. :smiley:

Of course both! :smiley: What was i thinking. That was a terrrible poll question. I will update it. :smiley:


Hi, looks great
Why it’s not mobile supported ?

Hi, glad you like it!

The only reason is the landscape. i used unreal landscape and it might be expensive for mobile purposes. (i dont have a chance to try it on mobile) You can use all objects on mobile except landscape. All of the objects are lowpoly as seen.


Hi Vahid,

I forgot to tell you that auto-terrain material in this pack can be used with custom landscape that you create in 3dmodeling programs.



Published a speed level design video and tried to show capabilities of this marketplace pack.

it took 8 hours, i had no plan or concept, improvized until the result worked for me)

Hope you like it!

For more:



I have published a new speed level design video using with Low Poly Stylized Environment marketplace pack.

for more screenshots:


Absolutely beautiful work. May I know if the 2 features are implemented?

Cool work! I love low poly stylized graphics)