Low Poly Stylized Environment

Hi! This is my latest (first for Unreal Engine Marketplace) project 'Low Poly Stylized Environment ’

Submitted to the marketplace and it will be available on next week. Hope you like it!

All variety of assets to build a lowpoly environment. Procedural base colored & textured versions of over 160 models for quick prototyping or any stylized final product


• All materials tweakable and can be customized with new textures or colors
• Collection of lowpoly stylized models (with proper uvs)
• Fully loaded demo level map (showed on screenshots)
• 160 models with procedural materials (no custom textures) with base colors and combination of noise textures, wind settings, procedural snow layer
• 150 models (same models with other 150) with grouped uvs and textures
• Character Model rigged and ready for using with 3rd person 1st person character BPs
• 1 vehicle is rigged and ready for using with vehicle BPs
• Fire particles, skybox & clouds texture
• Automated landscape, paintable landscape layers, paint ready foliage types and paintable landscape grass

Number of Textures: 25
LODs: no
Number of Meshes: 160 (objects have 2 versions, colored & textured)
Number of Master materials: 5
• Landscape Material= automated landscape (with material functions) +landscape paintable layers + paintable grass, foliage layers
• Water Material- Tweakable water puddles, wave settings, color variations, reflection, refraction etc.
• Foliage Material: Double sided material with subsurface and other settings
• Basic Color Materials: Colored materials with second texture layer and procedural snow layer and other settings
• Textured Object Material
Number of instanced materials: 70


Can’t decide the price. I’m thinking of 49.99 $ - 54.99 $ - 59.99 &
Which price do you think will be ok?

I’ll add more updates on this thread soon!

For more Screenshots:



Looks nice.
But the price will be too high compared to other low poly asset packs on the market place.

Thanks Monsterlutz,

All the critics are welcome. Let me explain my price choices.
If you look at other lowpoly packages their price seems low but i think that these packages are not full environments. i guess i can’t explain the package well in my first post.
i will try to explain
Pluses: (comparing other lowpoly style packages)
-Auto Landscape material with material functions and fully tweakable settings.
-1 rigged character + 1 rigged vehicle
-160 different object with wide range of style. And every object has 2 versions. colored material versions and atlas textured versions. (total 320 objects)
(you can make a quick prototype with the colors you want or use atlas textured versions)
-Solid style with particles and shaders. (fire, water, sky)
-Shaders have all settings which you can see in realistic marketplace packages. (foliage wind, waves, overall quick snow layers on objects and landscape, with too much settings)
-Retarget character, migrate vehicle BP, plug&play.

I hope it could change your price thoughts a bit. :slight_smile:

It is not about MY price thoughts. I will buy it for 30 or 60. No matter what - because you did an awesome job.

I only said the price is too high compared to the other low poly projects. And you made your point clear. Maybe you should make these points extra clear in your discription. :slight_smile:

Is tested on mobile?

Hi s4ng3r,

Not tested on mobile, tested on PC.
package includes unreal landscape and it will be expensive for mobile purposes. (i havent tried unreal landscape on mobile)

But most of the objects are lowpoly and can be used in mobile games.

Looks nice. Reminds me of No Man’s Sky.

Are those screens showing baked lighting or 100% real-time ?

We’re in the same page. I will extend description and try to make it clear.
Thanks for your advices. :slight_smile:

Thanks motorsep, glad you like it!

Its real-time, Dynamic lighting. Got 85-90 fps with Radeon 7900 Graphics card. (Epic Settings) It will be better on high end graphics cards. Tested with oculus it works perfect.
All objects has proper uvs, can be used with baked lighting.

What are you using for dynamic GI? Light Propagation Volumes?

This looks really great, definitely a step in a different direction of the low poly assets. I would say the price is warranted due to the features included with being more than just meshes. Although, is there any chance you are able to change the name of this asset? Its quite similar to mine on the marketplace and I think it would be beneficial for it to have a more unique name (rather than a very generic name like I currently have).

Wow! This is awesome…Good job!..Can you tell me from which tutorial you learned to make this.

Very nice work! Truly beautiful to watch. I just submitted my own Marketplace Inventory system - Inventory Examine Interface - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums

Would LOVE to adjust it to look like your style and make a fun Scavenger Hunt type game in your environment. Best of luck! I would buy!


Hello there. We want to get the graphic package you are exporting, but because of the high exchange rate, there is always an error and when we convert it to our own currency, the price increases very much. Could we get a $ 5-10 discount?