Low poly Props Ideas [Poll]

Hey, im a game developer and a modeler and im interested in making more low poly props for the ue4 marketplace
i have already published two project on the marketplace and one on sellfy site

Low Poly Survival Pack: Low Poly Survival Pack in Props - UE Marketplace
Low poly Medieval pack 1: Low Poly Medieval pack 1 in Props - UE Marketplace
Low poly Nature:

and i wanted to asked you guys what low poly props pack you would be intrested in, ive added a poll with few subjects the one with the most votes will be created and selled(for $5 in the marketplace hopefully and in sellfy), also if you want you can tell me in the comments

For some reason the Poll option isnt working for me so ill write the options here

  1. Low poly Medieval pack 2
  2. Low poly Weapons (Weapons from 1914 - present time)
  3. Low poly Modern city props
  4. Low poly furnitures

you can offcurse offer me more options in the comments

But if I had to choose freely I would think it would be most useful to expand on the nature and survival theme.

Hey, thansks for the comment, and its a really good idea to add more content to nature and surviva packs, i will probably start doing it soon, and i also think 3. is a nice option