Low poly female character with morphs

I’m very proud to announce Female character model.

Female low poly 3d model for using in games. Set of several morphs let you create almost infinity variation of figures. Just MIXAMO ready. MIXAMO rig tools produce for you very fast prtotyping workflow in character animation.

Technical Details:

  • Rigged with MIXAMO compatible rig
  • Skinned
  • Low poly - 6260 tris
  • Mobile friendly
  • Body and head meshes are designed for perfect morphing and animaton
  • Textured (Diffuse, Specular, Normal maps)
  • Product package include: FBX file with model and morphs, three different heads, bikini model, textures, UE4.12 project and Maya 2016 scene.
  • Hair models are not included - I just use free hair models from to make demo.

Any pricing ideas?

59.99 I think.

If anybody wants clothing for this model - please write me, I can make it, but I don’t know what will be needed at all. Feel free to post your comments.

Sci-Fi armor would be nice something like mass effect.

By the way do you know marvelous Designer 5(

Of course, I know. But for better performance it is necessary to tune up marvelous models by hands (retopology,UV layout etc). And also it depends of cloth style(armor or tunic for example)

This looks great, and I’m planning to get it when my project reaches that point! Just one question: Are you planning a male counterpart?

Of course, I do, it is much simpler to make male character however…

This stuff is just released for now Morphing-female-character

One last question before I buy. How easy is it to modify low poly female character? I mean for let say I wanted to add horn and wing to her,or I wanted to change her texture to make it look like an scales how easy is this? Without breaking the character?

Hi, I prefer to answer in released topic( I make video for you. As for textures - can you ask me more clearly?

If I wanted to use your low poly female to create say a succubus. Adding wing,horns,and also turn her skin blue or red. Can I do this to modify her? Or do I have speak/pay you for this to be done.

Never mind I see your link checking it now.

As for skin color - you can change it just in runtime in UE4 - bikini changes color randomly in my example. As for horns - I think video can explain it itself. But things like wings, tails, tentactles etc must have their own skeleton to drive them, it means you or sombody else you know have skills to model and rig it.