Low Poly Destructible Cars

Hi everyone,

We want to introduce to Unreal Marketplace our Low Poly Destructible Cars Package. Package contains customizable cars (most of them have detachable roofs, dors, hoods, etc.), each car comes with 3 variations of front/rear bumper and side panels. Also we added attachments like spoilers, hood/roof inlets and low poly wheels.

Little presentation You can find here: :slight_smile:
And if You want to ride: Unity Web Player | CarSetup (it doesnt work in chrome, driving model is from other dev)

We hitted low poly mount of tris so cars are around 1500-3000 tris, using two diffuse textures (for body and matte elements) and tail lights, dashboard textures. Attachments and wheels have own texture.

You can find free model over here:

Back on topic. So we want to introduce our package to Unreal Marketplace, but we Unreal newbies so we want to ask for little help. :slight_smile: Can You tell us how do You see setting these cars. Basically one parent material was created and instanced for body, matte and tail lights with use of parameters for easier customization and separate material for glass. Is this kind of setup will be okay, or maybe there is something better we can do?
Another thing is car parts pivots, in Unity it was easy to import whole car with separate pivots for parts, Unreal is a bit different in that matter. So currently we’ve imported asset with base set up (pivots not on 0.0.0), wich makes it easier to set this as blueprint, but we losing pivots for doors, hoods etc. Will it be better to set all parts in 3D application to 0.0.0 and set them manually in blueprint on their position? (It will be pain in the a**).