Low poly 80's looking landscape that animates


Looking for starting point to make this kind of landscape in Unreal, see the attached image. Basically a very low poly 80’s wireframe look landscape.

I could easily do this in a 3d modeling program but the goal is to have it dynamic, meaning that it can change and adapt it with inputs that are taken in with various methods which are not import at this stage. I need to now, how would i go by adding this kind of landscape to Unreal so i can animate the vertices and make the landscape come to live. By animating the vertices i mean that i could either make them higher or lower in the scene.

The next step would have the camera fly around the scene and the landscape would be ever changing with inputs from a controller and from music peaks. This would be used as a projected graphics for a concert.

Would love any input you guys have, kinda blank on how to do this at the moment.