Low Poly 3D Modeler Needed

Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself first.

I’m Nick, I’ve been learning a lot about blueprint in the past 4 months and I am ready to work on my first project. However, I don’t have a team and I also don’t have any money to pay for staff. So, I’m offering royalty.

I’m looking for a 3D designer who is passionate and has the time to work on a project with me. Right now, I’m specifically looking for low poly models. I want to hire someone that will continue with me on future projects. Like I said in the last paragraph, you will get royalty. We will both get a fair 50/50. The goal here is to have an opportunity to build something that can be taken further with people that have the same passion.

To join you must:

1.) Have the drive to continue to work with me.
2.) Have the skill do to what is asked.
3.) Have prior experience and examples that I can see.

Your goal for this project is to create all/most low poly models.

If you’re interested in this position, you can email me at so we can further discuss. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

Still looking for somebody to join me on this project!