Low performance after packaging

I am making a plugin using multi-threading. In the editor, I checked that it worked, but when I packaged it for testing, I found a problem.

I couldn’t check the main game thread, but at least the multithreaded performance was 10-20 times slower.

When I checked the performance results through time measurement, it was the same (10-20 times) slower on average for all codes. Even if I changed the priority of the thread, the result was the same.

Can I know any information or solutions I can get?

To be honest, I think it makes no sense that the multithread performance declined after packaging.
But this really happened, and I have to fix it, but I don’t even have a clue.

ps) I made a plugin using FRunnable & FRunnableThread

I’m having the same issues when I package my game, that uses a multithreaded FRunnable function.
I had the same issue in 2021, and after making a new Unreal project, and transferring my code to it, the issue magically fixed itself. This was UE4.27

But now I’m having the same issues on UE5.1, and creating a new project didn’t work, and I still don’t know what the exact cause is.
I was told that using Unreal Insights may help with seeing what happens on the different threads for the game, and comparing the threads when the game is in the editor to when it’s packaged. This didn’t work for me, but hopefully it helps you