Low performance after packaging!

when play in editor its performance is good
, but after package it >> it’s very slow :frowning:
Any idea why is that?!

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’m seeing similar in 4.6.1. Lots of really bad hitching, and load operations are significantly slower once the build is packaged. In UE3 I’ve used the -seekfree packaging argument for helping substantially improve load times and performance, but there doesn’t seem the be an equivalent option in UE4.

Hey guys. Are you packaging for Windows? Is it Development, or Shipping?

In my case, we’re packaging for Windows 64 bit, shipping, with the “for distribution” flag set. I’ve also tried shipping with the distribution flag unset, with similar results.

This is definitely not expected. I would try packaging for Win32, as that is where we do our cooked testing. I am not actually sure what Win64 does when cooking (since generally Win64 loads uncooked, and Win32 loads cooked).


Cool, giving it a shot. Thanks!

and it looks like that did the trick. It took a little while since we had 32bit specific compile errors to sort out. Thanks!