Low PC

Hi guys!

I have some trouble with my computer. I’m working on Unreal Engine 4 for making some projects but my computer have very low specs. Computer freezing (can’t move mouse even.) While I’m using Unreal Engine 4. So, my question: If I will upgrade my RAM 4 GB to 8 GB, Can I solve this problem? Or I should upgrade RAM and Videocard? My PC using 60% of RAM for normal usage.
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Here is my PC specs:


Both RAM and GPU. The 440 is pretty low end. Regarding RAM - 8 GB is sort of usable, but 16 would be better.

I suggest at least 16GB of RAM, 24GB is my recommendation.

Thank you for answer. Which video card Can you recommend to me (Medium price) for Unreal Engine 4.

I’ve got the GTX 960 ($200), I get pretty decent FPS (110) in UE4 in a small project, and the 960 is the top seller on Amazon for graphics cards right now. As far as gaming goes I can get 35 on Dying Light with maxed settings.

Can only recommend what I’ve actually used, which would be any GTX ?]70. Not sure they qualify as medium price, but performance is more than sufficient.

Thank you guys!

The 960 is a really good deal right now. :slight_smile:

sometimes this can be the result of a virus freezing the mouse or keyboard so always have a good antivirus and have it up to date, a few i can name off the tip of my tongue are:
Malwarebytes antimalware
webroot secure anywhere
rkill (www.bleepingcomputer.com (a .bat file scripted .exe that terminates all known malicous infections))

hope these can help you get rid of those nasty PC threats(viruses,trojan horses,worms,spyware,malware,rootkits,keyloggers)

Generally, with Nvidia, anything 60 or higher in any one line is good enough. I can pull 70 FPS in editor with my 760. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. I thought so but the problem is not virus (I tried these softwares.). I have upgrade my computer. Thanks anyway! :slight_smile: