/LOW PAY - looking for help when issues arise (widgets issue atm)

as i’m new to the unreal engine i’m running into a few issues that i’d like resolved asap to continue my game.
most if not all are really easy to someone familiar with the engine but since i’m not i need the help.

currently looking for help on these topics:

  • opening nested widgets (open map widget, select subarea which opens new widget, subarea widget opens level) the opening level part works but so far it only calls 1 widget only and gets stuck

if anyone can help once in a while i’d greatly appreciate it, i understand if not as this is not a paid job

Hi @macha_neko

A video of the problem and goal example would be better for help. There may already be a tutorial on youtube for that particular feature. Have you checked Youtube?

've looked but i havent found much, i got lucky and found someone doing 2d side scroll tutorials on youtube and got this far.

i dont have the ability to get a video together but i can get images and describe it a bit better.

this is the code for both widgets: the first one opens the map to select which area to go to, once you select an area another widget should open and you’ll select a subarea and it will open the level

these are the active widgets except the last one because i cant get it to open. i’ll repost if the images don’t open large for some reason, can’t see them when they’re tiny

all images are placeholders right now, i didnt make any of them

i looked into it and i dont want a game instance since it’s not the right type for this menu

anymore help would be great though!

i’m desperate for help on this, i dont mind paying a bit to get past this issue but it will be limited on the amount it will cost.

if anyone can help me out please?

@macha_neko Hey there, i don’t think you need to open more than 1 widget to achieve what you want, you can use widget switcher. Here is a link of tutorial of this feature, hope it help you!

I get what you are trying to do and like Ricardo said you probably want to be use widget switcher. Also,in your code it looks like after you create the widget you may not be adding it to the viewport.

thank you both so much, i’m an idiot i didnt even think there was something this easy available