low on video memory GTX980

Hey curious why I keep getting this error? Telling me I need to close some programs due to video memory issues when I have a good video card. Possible some bad code somewhere? I’m running the latest version of ue with all my graphic drivers updated too

If it’s running out of memory then you might be using too many textures or too high of a resolution textures. Also, if you’re running multiple monitors or high resolution monitors then that will affect it as well.

hmm strange, well i am using multiple monitors. But id say i shouldn’t have much a texture issue. The project im working on doesn’t have many and they shouldn’t be too high resolution. Im mostly just using things i bought off the store atm, mostly low poly stuff with minimal textures.

Also, if your system uses a CPU with an integrate Intel GPU then it could possibly be running off that instead of your Nvidia card. You would have to configure what GPU is used in the Nvidia control panel.

I get this same error in 4.26.2 when building reflection captures for my level… Using 2x RTX 3090s in nvlink… 24gb ram each … This is a major bug in the engine and I can see it has never been addressed.