Low on Memory Crash

Only recently, since possibly 4.10 my project has been constantly slowly increasing in RAM usage and will get to the point that it will crash or just before it crashes tell me Windows is Low on Memory, even though I may not be testing the game or even running in Real-time.

Is this a known issue with the engine, because I don’t understand what about my project being sat there would be causing some sort of memory leak, or whatever it is causing my RAM to max out and the engine to reach 5/6+GB of RAM.

Please let me know, what I should do.

Current Rig:

i5 2550k, 8GB RAM, 120GB SSD, GTX 970

I just recieved an Out of Video Memory Error/Crash but my memory never got past 1300mb of 3072mb

[link text][1]

I’ve uploaded some of the Windows Reports and a Crash dump and hopefully this will help you

I recently had a similar issue but mine was related to my hard drive. My hard drive began to fill up even though my I noticed I had enough RAM to run my project. One thing I would check is to have the “This PC” file explorer tab open while you open the project and see if the bar next to the (C:) drive gets full and turns red all of a sudden. I’m not sure what caused the issue with my computer, but I replaced the hard drive and no longer had any issues. Maybe this could be what is happening?

Hmm interesting, I will keep an eye out for it, but I don’t think that was the culprit.

Thanks for the comment! :slight_smile: