Low Memory Error

I’m running Windows 10 with UE4 version 4.10.4 and it seems that after working for a long period of time I get a low memory error. I have 16GB of DDR4 @ 2133 and a GTX 970 4GB. I can’t understand how I can use up my memory. Here’s the really weird part. I left the project I was working on open and left my desk. I came back to the low memory error hours later, even though I wasn’t doing anything new in that time. Did anyone else have this? Thanks.

Do you have 64bit windows? I think you have, but just in case.

This is memory leak, even idle editor will allocate new objects in memory, then just “forgets” to destroy them. Then allocates same objects again taking more memory.

So it eats all memory bit by bit.

Ok then. I guess it’s a fix in progress then. I started this new PC with 8 gigs and upped it to 16 just in case. I was hoping I wouldn’t need more than that! :slight_smile: Thanks.