Low / Medium / High graphics settings help

Hi there would it be possible for someone to link me three settings for low / medium and high graphics options for a menu system I am using please?

I am scrolling through the guide in:

There are loads and they are all separated, is there any available lists where I can just group them together in 3/4 groups so I can just copy/paste them into the blueprint?

If its just a case of picking through I can certainly do that, I was just curious if there was already anything out there I could use to save time.

Many thanks,


This is the node.

Just got to do the code



Narghile, cheers for that mate yes I am experimenting with it now. I have some basic settings like these:

sg.TextureQuality 0
sg.ShadowQuality 0

I put these in a blueprint and have buttons to activate them.

At the moment though I cannot get the settings to actual change in-game. They work fine in the editor, with stand-alone-game mode and simulate, but when I launch a compiled version the settings just refuse to change. Maybe I have something overriding them.


Edit- I think its sorted now! :slight_smile: If anyone has any decent graphics settings though I would love to see them thanks!

Try this :slight_smile: